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Even very young children love to listen and learn new words! Use intriguing and colorful terms instead of plain language in your everyday conversations to help your child improve their word bank and experience the world.

One of the most effective ways to help children read comprehension is to build an extensive word bank. Beginning readers use their understanding of the language to make sense of what they read. The reader's ability to grasp what he reads or listens to increases as his vocabulary grows.

Whether you have spelling problems, a kid who needs to build up their word bank, or just a book kid who can't type enough words, the Mnahel English Word Bank may be just what they need to excel at their English language job. Mnahel Online focuses on word roots, suffixes, and prefixes to help your child understand vocabulary and spelling. It feels like an activity, but children are actually learning how to say and remember the words.

But don't worry: the lessons are fun and easy to learn, so your kids won't even notice they're learning. It's almost like playing a quiz game. You must select the correct answer from the multiple-choice box for each word that is missing part.


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Our word bank helps children understand how letters change their sound depending on the letters around them. To create and parse words freely, use letter blocks or letters written on index cards. Each practice is adapted to the use of certain words. Children can learn new terms for their regular activities using our word bank.

This helps their decoding abilities (the ability to look at the written word and say it out loud) as well as their ability to compose text without worrying about spelling or handwriting.

Mnahel Online aims to spend some time looking at signage and identifying new words for kids and then linking them to what you see right here. Parents can track their children's daily activities and encourage their children to study more. We leave feedback on each lesson. If you'd like to learn more about Mnahel Online, contact us today.

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