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What is Mnahel Online?

A free online educational site for teaching Arabic, English as well as mathematics. Mnahel includes all concepts from basic to high school, and presents them in its platform in advanced strategies that suit the technological age and the children’s desires to attain a progress in their performance without feeling bored. It presents various interactive exercises and work papers as well as audio explanations, introductory videos, and examples solved within the huge encyclopedia of Mnahel.

The learner can reach all sources anytime he/she wants. All educational sources and methods are formed in accordance with systematic steps that take into account age differences and levels. Accordingly, each learner has a plan to follow after identifying weaknesses and strengths through periodic tests. Continuous training aims to overcome weaknesses and develop strengths.
Parents can observe the progress and daily work of their children through private accounts containing detailed reports that display the learner’s performance.

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It requires participation according to the appropriate stage and grade of the learner.

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How do you learn with Mnahel?

The learning process starts with Mnahel immediately after registration on the website, Mnahel will initially ask the learner some questions to identify his/her weaknesses and strengths. As a result, the learner’s appropriate level will be selected; this process repeatedly occurs that after each stage passed by the learner till the learners develop strengths and overcome weaknesses. Mnahel follows these procedures in the course of the educational process:

Evaluating the level of the learner to choose the most appropriate classroom.
Pinpointing weaknesses and strengths.
Making an action plan to strengthen the weaknesses that emerged when evaluating.
A variety of interactive and comprehensive training lessons.
Preparing an enrichment plan after overcoming the weaknesses related to the concepts of the class.
A detailed report of the results is sent to the learner.
Reassess again and return all previous steps.

This process must ensure that learners acquire knowledge and apply it in a real-life situation.

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Self Learning

Self-learning has become a necessity in the modern age, this strategy has proven effective in acquiring knowledge, memorizing information, and depending on non-human sources. Learners’ awareness and curiosity about their environment grow, so they pursue to learn more. Mnahel has provided this opportunity for every student around the world using the latest learning skills as Mnahel provides information briefly in its encyclopedia and expands it through fun interactive exercises mixed with motivational methods decided by professional teachers. The exercises are categorized from easy to difficult, and from simple to complex till students become experienced and familiar with all rules. As a result, information remains in learners’ minds without getting bored. If you ask how the Mnahel takes into account the differentiation or individualization of its users, the answer will be: By repeating the information when making a mistake, which differs from one student to another until it is ensured that learning objectives have been successfully attained and used in their daily life.