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Mnahel Online is an educational resource for every student from the preparatory to higher levels. A group of outstanding instructors supervised the collecting of the platform information and divided them into branches and parts according to the instructor’s competence. The aim is to provide an integrated curriculum that the learner can rely on for self-learning. The platform has three main branches; Arabic Language, English Language, and Mathematics. Every branch is divided into a group of chapters. Every chapter is divided into dozens of concepts, and every concept is divided into an infinite information.

- Mnahel Online for Teaching Arabic Language to Children:

It is divided into nine chapters (Basis and ABCs of Orthography, Spelling, Grammar, Morphology, Rhetoric, Essay, Syntax, and Cognition Skills)

Mnahel is considered an educational reference that provides you with a wealth of useful and comprehensive information in the English Language in all its concepts, it also provides you with a lot of explanations with simplified examples of the most complex concepts from the foundation stage to the higher stages to help the learner. Join us in Mnahel hand-to-hand with perfect English Language devoid of impurities in an interesting, fun and simple way. Mnahel is your way to creativity and excellence. You alone who choose the right place and time to learn.

- Mnahel Online for Teaching English Language to Children:

It is divided into eight chapters (Spelling, Reading, Alphabets, Listening, Words Bank, Activities, Grammar, Vocabulary)

- Mnahel Online for Teaching Mathematics to Children:

It is divided into eight chapters (Numbers, Numbers and Process within Mathematical Problems, Algebra, Advanced Algebra, Functional Relations, Trig, Geometry, and Statistics)

All of the three branches are common in that their researches are simple, concise, and full of examples as well as the explanation audios, educational videos, purposeful application texts, and various types of interactive exercises according to a well-thought-out action plan. The website contains a special educational system for schools which enables the school administration establishes a network of communication between teachers, learners and their families to ensure quality in the educational process.

Mnahel Encyclopedia