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Welcome again Mnahel Online provides an integrated platform for schools that includes the educational content of Mnahel website as well as a school management system and a communication link between parents, teachers and students.

mnahel online

Admin's Rule

Managing teachers' accounts

Add students and create their accounts

Management of grades and classes within the school

Manage specification of classes and teachers

Sharing posts with parents, students and teachers

Mnahel online

Tutor's Rule

Management of teacher’s classes

Divide each class into groups within certain criteria

Create courses for each group (In case the method of special courses was chosen by the school admin)

Create and send assignments to a student or group of students and reviewing them.

Showing students' results on the courses and assignments.

Sharingposts with students or parents.

Receiving messages and comments of parents.


Parent's Rule

Reviewing the posts of the admin or the teacher as well as the possibility of sending a message to the teacher through the post.

Reviewing the results of students.

Reviewing the speed-notes of Mnahel for the subscribed subjects.


Students's Rule

Reviewing the posts sent by the admin or the teacher and downloading the sent files.

Working on the courses sent by the teacher.

practicing on the content of Mnahel Online

Offering high quality School Management Framework. Free Registration

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