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If your kids are learning numbers, Mnahelnumber activities are perfect for your child. It's filled with fun, hands-on activities to help kids learn numbers! They are ideal for arithmetic classes in preschool and kindergarten, as well as for practicing at home. So go ahead, choose a number activity and have fun learning numbers

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Numbers and Operational in Context

Excellence in mathematics is based on confidence and skill in numbers and operations in context. We believe that every child is capable of mastering math. Number understanding, counting, solving numerical problems, measuring, evaluating, sorting, finding patterns, fractions, percentages, decimals, adding and subtracting numbers and other counting skills are taught in Mnahel Online.



Children can use algebra to solve real problems because the principles of algebra apply in real life, and the numbers reflect the meanings of objects. Online algebra games teach kids about multipliers and multipliers and also help them find number patterns in the Mnahel Online series.

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Applied Function and Algebra

Application functions and algebra is essential life skills that should be well understood. It prepares us for statistics and computation, going beyond fundamental mathematics. Students will learn everything about algebra at Mnahel Online, including its equations, concepts, and formulas. To better understand the principles of algebra, solve examples based on algebra topics and practice the worksheets.



Get all the help you need to solve problems related to triangles. Mnahel's online trigonometry exercises are a hands-on approach to learning formulas suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Students can understand the practical element of solving trigonometric equations using professional approaches and simple examples such as the scaling representation of a solved triangle.


Functional Relationships

The Mnahel Online Functional Relationships Learning for Kids includes a brief description of the idea, as well as some examples of images to clarify it further. This activity allows students to practice creating a data table using a rule and input data. All concept video tutorials are well known and cover a wide range of topics, including complex equations.



While there are many key principles in geometry, not all students learn best from lectures and countless practical problems. Mnahel Online is an easy way to connect your kids' geometry lessons with real-life applications and examples! Geometry exercises can give your students hands-on experience and help them become more involved in the learning process.



It's never too early to start teaching kids about money and statistics. This will help them make wise judgments as they mature. Mnahel Online Finance and Statistical Lessons on Money Management can make your studies more enjoyable.

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