Warm up learning activities for english clas

When activities combine fun and learning, children learn more effectively. Mnahel Online English activities entertain and educate children. We offer a variety of activities for children of all ages. Our kid's activities will make your life easier as you can prepare fun, exciting, and engaging lessons without spending a lot of time on them.


Make English fun for kids

When children are learning English, it is very important that they have enough time to practice each topic.

It will be easier for teachers and parents to motivate children to practice more and enjoy the learning process if they participate in fun activities. Mnahel Online has thousands of worksheets, games, and other activities for kids to enjoy while learning English. They are divided into two categories for easier access. You can sort them by activity or segment name, and each topic is subdivided into smaller sections with great resources and suggestions for their use.


You can use activities as Homework

Many activities can be assigned as homework, such as watching a video or song (and adding a comment), recording Your Turn, or playing a fun game. If students come to a site to complete one homework assignment, they are more likely to explore the Mnahel Online on their own. This is not only good for their English but also a good way to start encouraging learner independence at an early age. It is also a terrific approach to building and completing the communication triangle between child, parent, and instructor.

You have all the resources you need to improve your child's English skills with Mnahel Online English Activity. So, take the lead of your child and have a good time! When you have fun talking with your child about common activities that require a lot of vocabulary and grammar, you help him develop his language skills.

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