Listening english exercises

Learning requires listening skills. A student's ability to actively listen has a significant impact on the development of communication skills both in and out of the classroom.

Active listening, like problem solving, leadership, and collaboration, is an important soft talent. This talent can be learned and improved, but it takes time and patience to master it! Every child likes to participate in games and activities. Your child's ability to listen will significantly increase if you can include learning by listening to stories, music, and activities for children.


Best Listening Activities for Children

At Mnahel Online, you can gain valuable insight into your child's deepest thoughts through listening activities for kids. This allows parents to form stronger bonds with their children and understand them deeper. Exercises and activities are made according to difficulty levels. In English Listening, you'll find a variety of listening materials, including:

  • Traditional songs as well as lots of great original kids songs.
  • Traditional and original stories to listen to and/or read in a fun way.
  • Tongue twisters to help with pronunciation and have fun practicing English.
  • Games in the Tricky words and learn how to Speak and spell

We love to work on listening skills and following directions by using simple and common examples! Simple examples help create a positive atmosphere while learning these skills, and games and activities encourage kids to practice!

Most songs, stories, and conversations include the activity of matching pictures and words with some important terms. All of our resources are designed for different learning styles. Before listening, we show students a still image of a song, story, or video and ask them to anticipate the words they will hear and what the story will be about.

Parents and teachers can track how their children are listening and check the progress of their activity. Mnahel Online encourages you to practice with your child so that they gain confidence as they progress through each session. If you would like to know more about Mhahel Online, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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