Building english vocabulary in use

Children develop core knowledge in the use of English vocabulary, spelling, reading, grammar, and sentence structure. At Mnahel Online, your child will take part in a range of easy-to-learn and fun activities that will help develop their mind and body.

We start by teaching children how to pronounce words correctly, teaching them vocabulary and helping them in easy writing of the language. We have extremely dynamic learning sessions, and students will be able to speak and write English correctly by following our instructions.


Personalized learning

Each vocabulary course has been designed with the difficulty level and learning level of children; these lessons are designed to help you learn at the right level and speed from start to finish so, your child can enjoy learning new English words.

We emphasize the integration of learning and play to help children learn new skills quickly and thoroughly. We provide the right mentoring for your child's overall development.

The words are organized into sections (for example, "Birds", "My Home", and "Garden") and then into additional subcategories (for example, "Primates", "Birds", and "Large Mammals"). Each word has its own detail, which includes a picture of the item and a word printed underneath to help your child understand the relationship between the item and its name. They may also hear the word spoken loudly (although the voice-over is American).


Our English Vocabulary lessons for kids are immersive and feature:

  • Fun Games to Practice
  • Animated Lesson Videos
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Course Progress Tracker
  • Interactive Tests to Assess
  • Mobile-Friendly Games and Activities
  • Teaching and Learning Materials - Lots!

It is a one-stop shop for instructors and educators looking for a digital English program to support blended learning initiatives in schools or at home.

Our videos and lessons clearly teach different phonemes, while games, riddles, and animated videos allow children to practice.


English Vocab Games for Kids

There are many fun games for kids to learn English. There are word videos, riddles, games, sentence games, vocabulary puzzles, and more to learn new English words, grammar and phrase patterns. Students learn English vocabulary, sentence structures, grammar, listening comprehension, pronunciation, and phonetics with our fun learning games.


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Unlock the potential of our personalized learning to reach your English learning goals faster. Find out how fun and easy learning English vocabulary for kids can be - only at Mnahel Online!

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