English language grammar

Mnahel online provides a platform to teach English grammar to kids in the most precise way. The platform includes a variety of exercises and activities so kids can comprehend and analyze what they've learned. English grammar is nothing more than a set of predefined rules to follow when writing a sentence in English letters. But these grammar rules assist kids in speaking and writing English correctly. Mnahel English Site comprises basic online English grammar activities and worksheets for kids with simple examples to help them learn rapidly. Mnahel aims to assist your kids in widening their horizons, exploring everything that interests them, and finishing their schoolwork quickly and painlessly.


Online Lessons

On mnahel online, some online lessons teach and clarify English grammatical rules in a fun way. Through straightforward examples, colorful visuals, and interactive presentations, students can learn basic proficiency that is quick and easy to remember. Manuel focuses on the following skills of kids.

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling
  • Alphabetical identification


Explanation of grammar

Simple examples and amusing visuals are used to demonstrate new grammatical structures. They can be used to master grammar points through simple tasks. For instance, invite youngsters to describe the picture, write sentences to go with it, ask questions about it, etc. Every grammar rule is explained according to each learner's level of understanding.


Reading Focus

We focus on reading skills because it is one of the most effective ways to assist your kids in improving their grammar. When children read a book they appreciate, they can understand how the author constructed their sentences and employed precise grammar to get a particular effect. This teaches children how to use grammar correctly but also assists them in comprehending why it is utilized. In addition, reading is a joyful and pleasurable exercise that will also assist in enhancing all elements of your child's writing skills, including sentence structure and improved vocabulary, in addition to improving grammar.


Interactive Grammar Presentations

Grammar principles are interesting for kids with colorful pictures, simple explanations, and friendly characters. The colorful pictures and friendly character increase the kids' interests and help them focus.


Creative Free Exercises for Grammar

Kids can learn grammar through games and attractive exercises. Many interactive, fun activities are available that will assist your kid in sharpening their grammar skills. These activities are fun to practice while providing immediate feedback on your progress. In addition, simple interesting assignments like looking for direct objects or prepositional phrases in magazines or newspapers can help youngsters remember grammar rules and apply them.


Simple Methods

Kids have a limited amount of language at their disposal, making it challenging to analyze language. Also, we provide an easy and familiar vocabulary for younger kids to concentrate on grammar. Basically, we teach grammar through a simple method because what matters is whether or not the input is understood.


Sum Up

We attempt to sate everyone's appetite for information, from the innocent minds just starting to seasoned explorers uncovering remarkable facts. Our mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate platform, designed carefully by a team of experts and programmers and presented to each learner worldwide to provide them with an important weapon to face the challenges of the current era. So for a better future for your kid, register as soon as possible!

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