Learn Arabic Reading,Understanding and analyzing the Texts

Arabic Reading

Even if Arabic is your mother tongue, not everything that reads is clearly understandable, so the reading and absorption product is your way to improve reading skills to understand, absorb and analyze what you read through a variety of fun and meaningful texts. It will help you develop understanding and analysis skills

The Concepts


There are a lot of readable texts which range with the learner from the level of beginner to the level of professionalism. These texts provide the learner with fun method, and there are questions after every text which measure the learner's absorption of the readable text as well as questions that measure his absorption of the prescribed grammar rules.


The learner can identify the synonyms of a word and practice on linking the word with its synonym. In addition, there are levels suit the beginner and the skilled learner.


The learner can identify the antonyms of the words

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