Learn Arabic Alephabet Letters

Basis and Alefbata Orthography

This is the gate that the learner can enter to know all of the letters and their sounds and distinguish between the sounds and the symbols of them and help him to arrange their shapes in each place of the word. In addition, the learner will know the long and short letters. This section is based on the delivery of information through attractive shows, expressive images, and fun exercises.

The Concepts


Learning alphabets for children is through the images. This section is exciting for children because it includes all of alphabets. Every letter has its section starts with the showing of letter’s shape, sound, and examples. After that, there are exercises that help the learner to fix this letter.

Forming Words

Forming words exercises are one three levels: First: Word has its image, sound, scattered letters, and the learner has to rewrite it correctly.Second: Word has only its sound and scattered letters, and the learner has to arrange it to form the word. Third: Only the scattered letters without sound or image, and the learner has to arrange it to form the word.


Vowels: There is a separate section for all of Arabic letters, and in each of the sections, there is an explanation of the letter’s shape and sound including the vowel – diacritic -. After that, there is an exercise includes the following. First, the sound of the vowel letter and the learner chooses the shape of the letter with its diacritic. Second, the sound of the letter in the word, and the learner chooses the word which includes the pronounced letter.Vowels exercises: A pronounced word with its image and the learner chooses one of its letters with the correct diacritic.


The learner could identify the types of stretched syllables - “stretched Alef, Wow, and Yaa”-, and through different exercises he could form words that include stretched syllables. After that, the level of the exercises highs to reach the word analysis. He can identify the (Shada) and how it consists of two letters, the first one is consonant and the second is vowel.Also, he can analyze El-(moshada) letter, the two letters in the same letter, through different exercises on letters that is (moshadda) and the words have the same kind of letter.

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