Arabic Morphology rules and meaning-


Arabic language is enriched with words that can be used in different forms and positions. This chapter will help you to enrich your Arabic language in addition to facilitate the process of expressive and spoken writing within the correct basic rules of morphology through a set of exercises and smooth explanations that are easy for the learner to understand and apply

The Concepts

Verbal Derivation

The learner could identify the Verbal Derivation by knowing the original letters of the word (word root), as well as knowing the word form and root by either increasing or decreasing.

Derived and Inert.

The learner identifies Derived and Inert and distinguishes between them.

The origin of the Verbs

The learner defines the sources of triad, quad, pentagram and hexagonal verbs.


The learner defines the derivatives by their types and the way they are formulated.

Relative Noun.

The learner recognizes and distinguishes between the relative and the other nouns.

Technical Infinitive

The learner knows how to formulate the technical infinitive and distinguish between it and the relative noun.

Morphological Balance

The learner defines the word roots and all its forms.

Looking in the dictionary.

The learner knows how to access the origin of the word, as well as how to reveal the meanings of the word in the Al Moheet dictionary and Al Wajiz dictionary.

The Infinitive of Place and Time

The learner defines how to formulate The Infinitive of Place and Time and the distinction between it and the names of time and place.

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