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Learn to express in Arabic. Written and oral expression This chapter helps the learner to enhance his ability to express, whether as he sees it or as in his mind through a variety of semantic images, in addition to identifying the elements and types of stories, message, report and article in order to develop his ability to write each of them optimally and to the fullest.

The Concepts


The learner will be proficient at forming correct sentences with auxiliary images within the exercises.

An Image and a Sentence.

The learner acquires the skill of expression and description by creating sentences that express images he sees.

Elements of the story

The learner recognizes the story and its basic elements.

Types of stories

The learner learns the types of stories, whether they are short stories or long stories, and how to write a short story optimally.

Writing an essay

The learner practices the skill of writing essays gradually according to his level of expression, whether it is a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced.

Written official letters

The learner learns how to write a message of all kinds while recognizing the characteristics and elements of messages.

Writing personal messages

The learner acquires the skill of writing personal messages with knowledge of their fields, characteristics and elements.

Writing reports

The learner knows the components of the report, the stages of writing the report, the steps of the report and how the report is effective.

Facts and opinions

The applicant recognizes the distinction between a fact that can be proved by proof and evidence and an opinion that expresses a personal point of view.

Writing Articles

The learner identifies how to write the article and knows its elements in terms of idea, introduction, subject matter and conclusion.

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